Monday, August 4, 2008

What If Artosis Didn't Cast TSL?

Artosis got a broadcast job with IEG in Korea after showcasing his casting skills during the TSL. His announcement thread is all love from the community, with the exception of a few snarky Klazart jokes. Remember Klazart? He's the talented caster from the commentary site SC2GG. Though he only casts on YouTube, he is widely considered Tasteless' biggest rival.

Artosis is the second forum member to get a casting job in Korea (after Tasteless, of course). For those keeping score at home: : 2
SC2GG: 0

A question: why does a website that is solely dedicated to producing quality VOD commentary have such a hard time sending a member to Korea for casting? No Korean connections? Sub-par casting skill? Ladder abuse?

A source tells us that Diggity, another SC2GG caster, was set to cast TSL before the big TL-SC2GG fight over Baezzi. While Diggity is no Klazart, if Diggity casted TSL, would he be the one in Korea now?
I guess we'll never know!


Anonymous said...

klazart sucks you are a fool


Anonymous said...

Klazart is nowhere near Tasteless's biggest competition... the only people who follow Klazart are the casual gamers who know little about progaming.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You clearly think there is this big war between them, but its all one sided. obviously is full of retards to think that. You make me smile.

Anonymous said...

This is a stupid thread. SC2GG is a youtube commentary site. The fact that you attribute tastless and Artosis' move to is retarded. They are talented guys with good voices and good game knowledge. The fact that they each post on TL has nothing to do with it. I'm pretty sure neither commentator is trying to one up klaz, they are in different leagues...

PS Klaz owns em both.

Anonymous said...

YEAH. COOL. Now we have a place to anonymously bash Youtube commentators and SC2GG. Yeah. GOOD JOB!!!! TL FIGHTING~~~

schnake@TL said...

Mass retardedness detected...This blog is made by a troll and thou shalt ignore them...

Klazart is a good commentator but lacks the insights and strategical depth of Artosis or to a lesser extent Tasteless.

For the casual gamer this won't be an issue but for proper casting (if you only have ONE caster and not a team) this is definitely a problem.

Nonetheless, Artosis has proven his commentary skills by doing Ascension.

That being said, everybody can continue now to listen to their fav commentator.

Btw, this whole blog

Anonymous said...

schnake said it best, but here's another thing to note upon.

Both Artosis and Tasteless are members of Team Media. No knock to Klaz, love the guy, but he's not. So isn't the real score like this:

Media: 2
Everyone else: 0

And by the way, I do recall a shoutout from Tasteless to SC2GG during the GSI, saying he checks out the site all the time. So he's not "exclusive", mind you.

Anonymous said...

let's be real here, tasteless got his job mainly because of rekrul (even tasteless said this) and artosis got his job through publicity from TSL. yes both are talented casters but their connections to got them their jobs.

just because tasteless managed to shoutout to sc2gg doesn't change that. tasteless also shouts out to gosugamers but nobody is saying he's from there.