Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Roommate of Artosis Speaks

As you may have heard by now, Artosis is in Korea commentating for IEG. While we know Artosis is Jewish, plays Terran, and casted TSL, little is known about his roommate, PuertoRican (aside from his nationality).

PuertoRican was a former TeamLiquid staff member who posted news about the non-Korean scene. He has since migrated to IEG's competitor site SCforALL, and organizes progamer events like the MST and the ongoing Spirit tournament.

Our sources within the TL Staff reveal conflicting viewpoints about PuertoRican.

One staff member described PuertoRican:
"He tries hard and has a baffoonish charm. I wish him the best at IEG."
However, another staff member replied:
"PuertoRican is the single largest mistake in the history of TeamLiquid.net."
Aside from organizing events, PuertoRican possesses a wealth of insider knowledge and is a vital part in the information exchange between the e-sports scene in Korea and its international fanbase.

When asked about the whereabouts of IEG photographer NeverGG, PuertoRican said:
"She is teaching class right now. You want me to hook you up with her or somethin?"
PuertoRican also commented on top Spirit contender IefNaij, who recently lost a showmatch to STX progamer Kal:
"Iefnaij got outplayed in early game, looked like a newb you fuck with on east server."
On the subject of his new roommate Artosis, PuertoRican said:
"Artosis is vegetarian, not vegan. He still eats eggs and a few cock sandwiches at night. He doesn't know about the latter."
We at TLGG love new information, and we've learned a few new things about NeverGG, IefNaij, and Artosis. Nevergg is single, and PuertoRican can get you a date. IefNaij is worse than Kal. And Artosis can have cereal and an omlette for breakfast, because the core difference between vegetarians and vegans is that vegans can't eat any animal products like milk and eggs. Also, Artosis is unaware that he performs fellatio on PuertoRican at night.

We look forward to more quotes from the PuertoRican in the future. (All quotes from IRC)


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