Friday, August 15, 2008

BottleAbuser is an Ungrateful Douchebag

The Sixth Commandment of the Ten Commandments states that "Thou Shall Respect Forum Veterans." Agree with it or not, the quality of the forums and the actions of the Moderators are greatly influenced by this statement. Veterans are respect and given more privileges. Those that make threads, upload VODs, and do things for the site are respected even more. Saying anything even remotely bad to yakii was an automatic ban.

An anonymous source says that BottleAbuser recommended that VOD uploader and stream guru Corinthos be banned (quote from GGC chat):
"who was that dude? a fucked up version of travis? why do idiots like corinthos come to tl? wouldn't they get banned in like 100 posts"
To answer the question, Corinthos came to TL for the past three years to upload VODs and provide live progaming streams that greatly benefit the community. A better question is why do you come to TL, BottleAbuser? To blow up at longtime contributors over DotA? Is your ego so enormous that you can't stand losing one UMS game and feel the need to insult people? So what if Corinthos is a newbie at DotA? TLGG would love to play DotA or StarCraft or rock paper scissors with Corinthos no matter how badly he sucks, and the same goes for other uploaders like zatic and Emlary or coders like Pop and R1CH. He's earned that right.

BottleAbuser is an ungrateful douchebag. That much is established. However, the question remains, can he be banned from for something he said or did outside of the forums? The Mods have banned hackers and abusers before, and they've also banned people for extremely bad behavior in the IRC or TL-West channel. Thus, there's no reason why someone who is a jerk to Corinthos in a game full of TL members can't be banned.

TLGG hopes that BottleAbuser and people like him get banned, and soon!


Anonymous said...

wtf, don't use TLGG to wage your personal vendettas. there's been plenty of drama worthy stuff happening and instead you decide to rant about somebody you don't like? You didn't even bother to put the quote into context. Maybe Corinthos is a douchebag. Just think Baezzi.

for the record, IMO BA is a good poster.

course ur free to post w/e-da-fa you want on your blog. just means people won't want to read it.

paper said...

^ that wasn't me.

Anonymous said...

Hey what the fuck is this shit. i want drama, not whiiiinnneeefest

Anonymous said...

what an ass hahah

Anonymous said...

anonymous (first comment) if you want different stuff on TLGG why don't you submit tips

Anonymous said...

Travis is an ignorant douchebag.

Anonymous said...

yeah ban travis